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The reindeer overlays  look real, because they are real. Our baby reindeer overlays are very easy to work with.  Simply place it over your image and start blending. Adjust the curves, levels and color. Add grain or a Gaussian blur to match the grain and focus of your image. Feather the edge if necessary and clone the ground around the hooves to anchor Cupid into your image.  Remove portions of the overlay image that belong behind your subject by adding a mask to the layer and painting off the part you don’t want to show.  Quick and easy edit. Perfect Christmas mini session idea.

Shooting tips for Cupid’s Kiss:

  • The reindeer were shot in natural light, in a shady spot about an hour before sunset with a Nikon D600 and 50mm 1.4 lens,  ISO 800,  f 5.6, 1/160, Exposure compensation -.3.  If you can get close to that, your two images should look like they were shot together.
  • Place subject off center in bottom portion of frame to leave room for Cupid and his antlers. Make sure the darker side of the subjects face is closest to the empty space.
  • Have a parent or assistant tickle the child with a feather duster and step to the side. Child will tilt head and laugh as if he is still being tickled (or kissed by a reindeer) for a moment after the feather duster has been pulled away.
  • Put your focal point where your subject was standing to duplicate the depth of field and take a few shots of the background without the subject in it. Cut and paste pieces of this image to quickly remove parents, helpers or whatever madness was required to get the expression you desired from your subject.  It’s much cleaner and faster than the clone tool.
  • Take a wider shot of the background at the same depth of field. If you find you didn’t leave enough space for the reindeer, you will be very happy you did this.
  • When shooting with multiple subjects, have someone tickle the youngest one. The older subjects should be standing next to the youngest subject looking in the direction of the youngest subjects face.
  • If your editing style involves actions, be sure to run them after the reindeer has been blended into the image.
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    1 –  image of a kissing reindeer, masked off and placed on a transparent background in .png format

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