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The Chalkboard Kit comes with everything you need to quickly put together a chalkboard with a custom message in the color of your choosing. Why not hang your customized chalkboard on a newborn bedpost that announces baby’s Name, weight, and height? This kit is very easy to use. You should create the chalkboard you desire in Photoshop and save it as a .PNG file first. Then add it to your image. All the files are exactly the same size and layer on top of each other perfectly. So be sure you don’t re-size any files! In fact, you should probably save a back up somewhere just in case.  Start by opening the OO Chalkboard White.png file. If you want to change the color drag in the chalkboard masking layer.png file  and rasterize the layer. Then select the area to be filled (hold the control key while clicking on the rectangle next to the layer in the layers panel). Select the color you want to use and use the paint bucket to change the color of the layer. Change the mode of the layer to the look you desire. I like Multiply, Soft Light and Overlay.  Add the desired text to your chalkboard.  There are plenty of Chalk Text Effect tutorials on However, the chalkboard is usually a pretty small piece of my photo, so changing the text layer to dissolve mode and adding a slight Gaussian blur usually does the trick just fine. Save your image as a .png file. Then drag your saved .png file into your image.  Add a shadow layer beneath it using a soft brush in soft light mode with a very low opacity. Wow, your newborn parents by using this in combination with the Calendar Kit and Newborn Nightstand Kits to tastefully display all of babies birth stats in your image. Or have your clients hold a piece of cardboard and replace it in post-production with a chalkboard that matches their outfit and displays a personal message, like we did in the sample image.

  • Description


    Kit includes:

    1 – white chalkboard in .png format

    1- colorfill template for chalkboard .png format

    – long string in .png format

    1- short string in .png format

    Chalkboard Overlay


    digital chalkboard overlay

    Chalkboard PNG




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