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Our pink flower overlays are a set of 9 images of pink flowers on  transparent backgrounds in .png format. They look real, because they are real. To use our flower overlays in your images, simply drag the overlay into your image and start blending. Adjust the curves or levels on the overlay layer match your image. Add appropriate shadow, clone the foreground around the base of the image to anchor your overlay into your image, or use with our grass overlays.  You can also apply a Gaussian Blur to the overlays and use in the foreground or background.  To remove portions of the overlay image, add a mask to the layer and paint off the part you don’t want to show in your image. Click here for more editing tips.

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    Package includes:

    9 – images of pink flowers on a transparent background in .png file format (see images in slide show)

    Overlay Outlet pink flower overlays .png files Overlay Outlet pink flower overlays .png files








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