**Face Masks


It’s not safe to put a face mask on a baby, but what parent of a baby born in a pandemic doesn’t want a professional photo with their baby, wearing the unofficial symbol of these trying times?

Editing tips:

Rotate and size the mask to cover the baby’s face. You’ll probably have to go slightly over. Make the overlay slightly transparent so you can see the baby’s face underneath and mask off around the edge of the face.¬† Return the transparency to 100% and use a soft brush with zero hardness in soft light mode at around 20% transparency to paint shadow onto the overlay under the chin and appropriate edges. Add a layer under the overlay and use the same brush to lightly add a thin shadow on the cheeks along the line where the face mask contacts the skin. Change the color of the mask to match your image.


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    6 Р images of face masks, masked off and placed on a transparent background in .png format

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