Build a Nightstand/Alarm Clock Stump Kit



The Build a Nightstand/Alarm Clock Stump Kit comes with everything you need to quickly put together a woodland stump nightstand and alarm clock (with a custom time displayed) in the color of your choosing . Place your customized stump nightstand and alarm clock next to a newborn bed prop to create a woodland set that announces baby’s time of birth in your photo. This kit is very easy to use. All the files are exactly the same size and layer on top of each other perfectly. So be sure you don’t re-size any files! In fact you should probably save a back up somewhere just in case.  The files are also numbered to keep you from placing a layer out of order. Start by opening one of the stump night stands in a new file. Then add the appropriate Clock Shadow file, followed by the clock. If you want to change the color of the clock drag in the clock’s color fill layer and rasterize the layer. Then hold the control key while clicking on the rectangle next to the color fill layer in the layers panel to select the area to be filled. Select the color you want to use and use the paint bucket to change the color of the layer. Change the mode of the layer to the look you desire. I like the Color Burn, Linear Light and Vivid Light modes for the clock color. Drag in the clock hand shadows, and clock hands.  Use the transform tool (Ctrl T, then right click and select rotate) to move the hands and shadows to the desired position on the clock. Drag in the brass center button file and save your image as a .png file. Then drag your saved .png file into your image.  Add a shadow layer beneath it using a soft brush in soft light mode with a very low opacity. Use this in combination with the Calendar and Chalkboard Kits to tastefully display all of baby’s birth stats in your image. New mom’s love this!

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    Kit includes:

    1 – moss covered stump with handless white clock in .png format

    1 – moss covered stump with handless green clock in .png format

    1 – stump with handless white clock in .png format

    1-  moss covered stump .png format

    1- stump .png format

    1- clock shadow for stump in .png format

    1- clock shadow for moss covered stump in .png format

    1- white handless clock in .png format

    1- color fill template for clock in .png format

    1- little hand shadow in .png format

    1- little hand in .png format

    1- big hand shadow in .png format

    1- big hand in .png format

    1- brass button to anchor clock hands in .png format



    stump nightstand and alarm clock over lay for newborn statistics photo newborn statistics overlay woodland











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