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This is the first edition of our Baby Chick Overlays. There are a total of 11 baby chick overlays. The overlays are created from photos of real baby chicks. Actual baby chicks carry germs and are not safe for small babies who love to put their hands in their mouths. Actual baby chicks are also extremely fragile and easily injured or worse. Overlay Outlet’s baby chicks are the perfect alternative to live baby chicks. To use  drag the baby chicks onto your image, use the brightness, levels, curves or exposure adjustment layers to adjust the chicks to match your images lighting. Add a shadow layer beneath the baby chick layer using a soft brush in soft light mode with a low opacity and your done.  Baby chicks make a perfect addition to your Easter sets.

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    These are ready made .PNG files. You get all 8 images shown here in a PNG file format with a transparent background. Simply drag the file into your image, adjust the size and burn on the appropriate shadows.

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