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An overcast day makes for nice diffused light on your subjects, but horribly boring skies. I have put together a collection of the 36 skies I use most in my work. These sky images were taken on the eastern shore of MD as well as the islands Maui, Oahu and Hawaii. I shot these skies to use specifically to replace a boring sky for my clients. The horizon line is right below where the image stops, so it blends naturally into your image. I shot most of them at fairly high F stops for a sharper sky, just in case.  I add a Gaussian blur when using them with images with a shallow depth of field. You will notice a lot of my skies are light at the bottom. I love a light bottom sky overlay, they blend easily into a dull grey or blown out sky. Who has time to perfectly mask off a horizon to replace a sky? With the light bottom skies you can use a soft brush to mask off the bottom of the sky and quickly blend it all in. These skies will soon become your go to sky replacements.

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    36 – high resolution images of beautiful skies in .jpg format.

    sky photo overlays - replace the sky sky photo overlays - replace the sky









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