Build a 2016 Wall Calendar Kit

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The 2016 Build a Wall Calendar Kit includes a combination of .jpg and .png files and include everything you need to make a customized hanging wall calendar, perfect to add to the background of a newborn photo to show the day they were born.  To use the kit, open a new file in PS in the desired size.  Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangle in the desired color. Add one of the pattern overlays to your rectangle and re-size it to fit your rectangle. The pattern overlays come in white but can easily be changed to a color of your choice.  To do this hold down the control key and click on the layer (click on the first square) in the layers panel to select the pattern, then open a new layer and use your paint bucket in the desired color to fill the selected area. Drag in the desired month, and then the desired date marker. Re-size the marker and place it over the date you want marked. Drag in a nail and place it at the top of the calendar to hang it on the wall. Save your calendar as either .jpg or .png. Open up the image that you want to use the calendar in and drag your calendar into it.  Use levels, brightness, exposure or curves to make sure your calendar isn’t brighter than the wall it’s hanging on. Add a shadow layer beneath the calendar layer using a soft brush in soft light mode with a low opacity. Mask off any part of the banner that belongs behind the subject. This is perfect for use with your newborn bed prop. Use it in combination with our clock/night stand and our hanging chalkboard and to tastefully display all of the newborn stats in one photo.

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    Kit includes:

    12 – 2016 Jan -Dec Calendars in .jpg format

    6 –  white patterns on transparent background in .png format

    3 – nail photo overlays in .png format

    8 – calendar markers in .png format

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